Monday of the 21st Week: Reflection by Rev Fr Julian O Ekeh


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(Matthew 23:13–22)

Jesus was too blunt in the Gospel of today. He sounded very harsh. He addresses the scribes and Pharisees in hard words condemning their evil of claiming what they are not and leading people astray. He calls them blind guides, hypocrites, blind fools and blind men.

If leaders should know what it really means to lead, guide and direct others they wouldn’t really be running after honour and positions of leadership. But when it is one’s calling, the grace of God is, therefore, required for Him to flee from the dangers associated with the office.

To lead others, therefore, transparency is needed. You have to be open with no hidden skeletons and presumptions. Your yes should be yes and your no, no indeed. You must make your word your bond. You must stand by your promises and endeavour to live in accordance with the vows you have made to God and the people. Called to lead as parents, you should try your best to live out the vows you made to the Lord and guide your children aright. As a political and religious leader such transparency should not be compromised come what may. This transparency calls for responsibility and accountability too. Let’s beware always that people look up to us at any point in time. Let’s make sure we don’t scandalize them by our carelessness. The teachers, role models and public servants should take note here. Let’s not say one thing and do the opposite.

A true guide and leader is never blind. He is a man of vision. He is a man of wisdom. To be filled with these, the light of God must illumine your heart. Little wonder Solomon prayed for wisdom to lead. We must pray to God for clear vision, wisdom, and grace to remain His wise and faithful servants whom He will acknowledge in heaven at the end of our earthly struggle.


Dear Lord, we come asking for Your blessings. Save us from woes and deliver us from the misfortune of leading people away from You or being led away from Your side. Bless us by Your word through Christ our Lord. Amen

God bless your Monday (21st Week, Ordinary Time)

Rev Fr Julian O Ekeh

Io Sono Chima Isaac Chinemerem, un sacerdote dell’arcidiocesi Cattolica di Owerri, Nigeria. Io studio Comunicazione nella Università della Santa Croce, Roma.