Saturday of the 19th Week: Reflection by Rev Fr Julian O Ekeh


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(Matthew 19:13–15)

Jesus invites the little children to come to him. He is discouraging whatever that hinders children from having access to Him. He is warning us against the dangers of allowing the children entrusted to our care to be lured away from godliness. Thus, it is either that the children go to Christ or they go elsewhere. Outside Christ, we lose them.

Let us reflect today on the agents, factors, persons, situations and conditions driving children away from God.

The Government has driven Children away from God by their irresponsibility to accept them as gifts of God. They fail to have meaningful plan for the children. They abandon them at the mercy of their parents whom they owe salaries for years. They fail to provide them with the necessary amenities for their survival. They give them hostile pictures of humiliation, intimidation, bloodshed and nightmares. They give them no serious education, make them to wallow in the streets like sheep without shepherds, they patiently wait for them to grow to become touts, nuisance and their political bodyguards and ballot box stealers.

The Church that prepares her preachings only for the adults and lose interest in bringing the word of God to the level of the children is not better than the apostles who rebuked those that brought little children to Jesus. Do our pastors have serious options for catechizing and indoctrinating our little ones in the faith? Are priests more attracted to the adults with the conception that the children have nothing to offer? They are the hope of the Church, of the society and all her institutions.

Do parents really know how the spiritual formations of their children matter? Parents in those good days would send their children to Block Rosary, ensure they receive the Holy communion when it is time and live without sin. They discouraged bad companies and encouraged companies that drew the children closer to God. But these days, parents prefer to enrol their wards for every other thing except the things of God. They fail to teach them godly values, that explains why they go out and get indoctrinated in all forms of evil.

Let the children come to Jesus if not the social media will snatch them by force. Let the children come to Jesus if not corrupt world will make you lose them. Let the children go to Jesus if not materialism, cultism and diabolism will steal them away.

My dear people of God, let us place the little children in the arms of Christ. Jesus wants to lay his hands on them to bless them. The hand of God is the safest place for your children. In a corrupt and wild society, if we fail to involve God in raising these children to be godfearing and gentleman, we will continue to experience decay in our world. We can’t really raise our children without the help of God. Let us employ his Divine assistance.


Heavenly Father, we thank You for the gift of children. We bring to You all the little ones in our families and all over the world. Bless them, protect them. Save them them from all forms of abuse. Deliver them from the seductions of the deceptive world. May Your angels guide and guard them all their childhood days to a responsible adulthood and everlasting life in heaven through Christ our Lord. Amen

God bless your Saturday (19th Week, Ordinary Time)

Rev Fr Julian O Ekeh