Saturday of the 22nd Week: Reflection by Rev Fr Julian O Ekeh


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(Luke 6:1–5)

In the Gospel of today, Jesus and the disciples were found in one camp, the Sabbath was at the middle while the Pharisees were at the other camp. The Sabbath was placed at the centre instead of Christ who ought to be at the heart of all our activities.

The Pharisees who were bent on discrediting Christ came to Jesus and asked why His disciples were doing what was prohibited on the Sabbath. They wanted to show their superiority in interpreting the law. They never knew that Jesus was the author of the Sabbath. He knew what was right or not to be done on the Sabbath. Their intention was not really to keep the Sabbath holy but to penalize the followers of Christ. Jesus came to prove His lordship and took his rightful place. He said: “The Son of man is Lord of the Sabbath”.

Dear friends in Christ, what’s the Sabbath in your life? The Sabbaths are those situations that prove themselves to be greater than God. The Pharisees are those who force you to believe that there are circumstances that can make you keep God aside and hold traditions and human forces with more regard. Is there anything to be revered more than God? Oh no. The Sabbaths should be for the honour and glory of God. God is the one that draws us to the Sabbath to get rest. In the presence of God, the needed rest is found so there is no need for Sabbath. Little wonder why after the resurrection, the Church shifted her attention to the rest of the resurrection and we started placing emphasis on the day of the resurrection.

Let us make Jesus Lord in our families, let us make Jesus Lord in our lives. Let us make Jesus the Lord of our endeavours. Let us place Christ at the centre of all we do. May Jesus reign in our lives and silence whatever force that wants to make God a not to matter. Jesus must matter in our world for our world to be where it ought to be.


Heavenly Father, we thank You for your lordship in our lives. We love Your rule. Continue the good works You have begun in us. Bless us and defend us from the attacks of the Powers coming against us through Christ our Lord. Amen

God bless your Saturday (22nd Week, Ordinary Time)

Rev Fr Julian O Ekeh

Io Sono Chima Isaac Chinemerem, un sacerdote dell’arcidiocesi Cattolica di Owerri, Nigeria. Io studio Comunicazione nella Università della Santa Croce, Roma.