Thursday of the 18th Week: Reflection by Rev Fr Julian O Ekeh


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(Matthew 16:13–23)

Always try to know where you stand, with whom you’re standing and for what or whom you stand. This is what Jesus wanted Peter to understand today.

Our Lord had earlier on, acknowledged Peter’s wise answer as aided by God the Father in heaven. But the devil would not even allow that congratulatory note to be over, he stepped in to use the same Peter whom God just made use of to reveal the Christ in the Saviour. Peter played into the enemy’s trap. He was almost short-changed. Jesus immediately realized that it was no longer the God speaking through Him but the devil. Hence He said: “Get behind me Satan… You are not on the side of God.”

Beloved in Christ, on whose side are you? On the side of God or the enemy? Who do you give glory to? God or the devil? Which voice do you listen to inside you? The voice of God or the devil? Whose voice speaks through you? The Holy Spirit or the evil spirit?

Remain on the side of God. Remain on the side of God-loving people. Separate yourself from those who are hindrances to the actualization of the will of God.

May God give us the wisdom to know when we are on His side and to remain unmoved there. May He give us the discernment to flee from those who take us away from taking our place on the side of God.


We thank you once again O Lord for reminding us of the importance of standing by you at all times. Save and deliver us from all forces dragging us away from you through Christ our Lord. Amen

God bless your Thursday (18th Week, Ordinary Time)

Rev Fr Julian O Ekeh