Thursday of the 9th Week: Reflection by Rev Fr Julian O Ekeh


Image from: The Greatest Commandment |

(Mark 12:28b-34)

Jesus reveals to us the first and greatest of all commandments: Love. Interestingly, love flows from the Triune God: Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. Jesus wants us to express our love in three modes: God, Self and others.

We must love God above all else, put God in front of all we do, make Him all that matters. Give God a special place in our lives forever.

We have to love ourselves for God’s sake. See in yourself a reflection of God. See yourself as the image and likeness of God that you’re. Believe in yourself and what you’re capable of achieving as a child of God. See beyond the present and look into where God takes you to. Forget about what people define you to be. Remind yourself that you’re good, you’re beautiful, you’re handsome. Yes! You’re wonderfully made. Love yourself. Take good care of yourself and your life indeed. Give yourself the respect you deserve. Accord yourself the dignity and worth no one will give you. Maintain your body, preserve your soul for eternity. Protect yourself from physical, moral and spiritual aggressions. Love yourself.

Love your neighbour just the way you love yourself. Giving is presupposed here. All those things you want for yourself, give them to the other. Respect him. Protect him. Ensure that his life is not destroyed. Make it an imperative to treat the humanity in him as end in itself and not as a means to an end. His blood is dear as yourself. Don’t dare shed it. Make the environment habitable for him. Give him peace. Just be good to him or her for goodness’ sake like the good Samaritan. Be ready to make some sacrifice to save him. That’s what it means to love. Do it, even when he doesn’t deserve it. Do all for God.

When you do these, you are obeying the greatest of all commandments.


Oh God, put a burning love for you and our neighbour in our heart. Forgive our world for sending love away from this universe you created out of love. May we love you truly from the depth of our hearts and in a very special way not look down on people out there looking up to us for love and mercy. Hear and bless us in your merciful love through Christ our Lord. Amen

God bless your Thursday (Ordinary Time, Week 9)

Rev Fr Julian O Ekeh