Tuesday of the 6th Week of Easter: Reflection by Rev Fr Julian O Ekeh


(John 16:5–11)

Christ announced his departure in the Gospel of today. The disciples were filled with sorrows because He said He was going away. But He consoles them that it is for their own good that He goes. A typical example of this feeling is what we see at the airports or motor parks. When people come to see their loved ones off, they weep as though some one died, the cry as if the person will not come back.

What Jesus is telling the disciples today is like what some of these persons traveling tell their loved ones as they wave them bye. Those of them going for studies or business trip tell them that they are going for good to come back to change their family status. Some tell them to cry less as they are moving out for greener pastures, to create opportunities for them and make them better.

Jesus reveals to His disciples what they stand to gain with His going. They would want the promise of God to them to come to pass. But Jesus must go away so that they can desire this promise, pray for it, work and walk towards it and really be able to appreciate it when they see it.

He reveals to them something about the Spirit they will receive, i.e., conviction. Thus, His going will as well be beneficial to the world since they will be made to be convinced about sin, righteousness and judgement.

May we this year gain the advantage packaged for us by God this in the Holy Spirit. Let us take advantage of this period to pray for all the spiritual blessings we expect from the heavenly places.


It is good, Oh Lord, to know that you’re going for our own good. Father, give us the grace to wait prayerfully in holiness as we anticipate to merit the favours you have packaged for us in your Son who lives and reigns with the Holy Spirit both now and for ever. Amen

God bless your Tuesday (Easter, Week 6)

Rev Fr Julian O Ekeh

Io Sono Chima Isaac Chinemerem, un sacerdote dell’arcidiocesi Cattolica di Owerri, Nigeria. Io studio Comunicazione nella Università della Santa Croce, Roma.