Wednesday of the 17th Week: Reflection by Rev Fr Julian O Ekeh


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(Matthew 13:44–46)

The word of God today presents us with a greater value, the highest good, the best to aspire for, what we ought to go after. Jesus calls it a “hidden treasure”, He calls it “a pearl of great value”.

This brings us to the question of the things we consider to be of great worth in our own time and at various circumstances we find ourselves in. They differ from person to person. At certain times in human history, they take various turns and shapes. At some point and in some places, education qualification was seen as great value, at some other places and times fame, connection and popularity are valued most. For some people in other places, power, authority, relevance, positions and command of this and that is adored. Money and what money can buy, beauty, cuteness, shape and physique mean so much for some persons and, as such, is treasured by people of these calibre.

The fundamental question remains: Is it worth it? Are they worth the name ‘treasure’? We are called upon to go after the things that matter. They are the things that give joy and true peace to us here and glory to God hereafter. When we have discovered them, then we must guard them with jealousy to avoid losing them. We need discipline, wisdom and obedience to protect these treasures. We need to guard against misappropriation of values: giving unnecessary worth and attachment to mundane things as against the divine. We have to set our hierarchy of values and place the heavenly things first and above all else. When we do these, that is seeking first the kingdom of heaven, every other thing must surely be added unto us.

Let us not therefore allow friends, desires of the flesh and the world make us lose sight of the hidden treasures in our various worlds. Behind whatever we are passing through, there is a hidden treasure that catapults us to where God wants us to be; our heaven which of course begins here on earth. May God help us by His grace to discover the treasures He has assigned to us for our peace and everlasting happiness.


Eternal Father, we thank you for the treasures of the kingdom, give us the insight to discover the true source of happiness in keeping Your commandants and lead us by the help of these injunctions to merit joy everlasting when our toils here is over with Your saints in heaven through Christ our Lord. Amen

God bless Your Wednesday (17th Week, Ordinary Time)

Rev Fr Julian O Ekeh